Friday, May 15, 2009

Workouts with Kat and Sunday with Danny

My ArmI’m sooooooo sorry I haven’t written to you guys all week! I actually started bringing Kat to the gym with me after school so that’s kinda made me busier. She doesn’t know anything about lifting weights so I have to teach her everything making our workouts run longer. I haven’t really grown much this week because I haven’t figured out how to show Kat my secret.

After our workouts, we’ve just been drinking regular protein shakes. Nothing wrong with that, but they aren’t making me grow like before. Oh well, I can be patient. I’m really enjoying my current size of 5’ 4” at about 125lbs.

It’s funny, a few weeks ago Kat and I were about the same size and now I’m a few inches taller than her! She also had no interest in working out, but since the boys at school seem to be noticing me more, she wants in on some of the action.

Right, so last Sunday I also hung out with Danny. He came by my house and we walked over to this park nearby. We were going to watch a movie but I insisted that we go to the park since it was so nice out. A lot of us used to play there a lot as kids since there’s a jungle gym and swings and stuff.

We just kinda walked around and talked a bit. We talked about going to college and what we wanted to do and stuff. I told him honestly that I wasn’t totally sure and that I was going to wait a year or two to figure that out. The whole time, I know he noticed I had grown a little bigger since we last spoke at school. I was wearing another tight shirt showing my arms, so he kept staring. Then he asked.

“So how often do you work out?” he asked.

“Oh,” I said casually, “every once in awhile.”

“I bet you go to the gym a little more than every once in a while.”

“Ok yeah, I go quite a bit,” I said.

“Can I feel your bicep?” he asked. He got a bit shy then, like he had wanted to ask for a while.

“Sure.” I pulled up my sleeve a bit and flexed my arm. He stood there for a bit before getting the nerve to react. When he put his hand on my bicep, he gave it a little squeeze but my muscles were too hard to give. His hands were warm and a little clammy. He gulped.

“I think your biceps might be bigger than mine,” he said.

“Yeah right!” I didn’t believe him. “You’re a boy! Let me see.” I squeezed his bicep before he could respond. “Make a muscle,” I demanded.

“I am,” he replied.

“Oh,” I was surprised. He was right. My arm wasn’t really bigger then his, but it was much harder. His was a little soft and squishy, kinda like mine used to be. I reached around his back and gave him a big hug. It hadn’t occurred to me that I would soon be stronger than boys. I had always assumed that boys were so much bigger and stronger than girls. Danny was still overall bigger than me, but soon, that’s all going to change.

We pulled back from our hug a bit and look at each other in the eyes. At first, I waited for him to kiss me, but something about me didn’t want to just yet. So I pulled back from our embrace, just in time.

Danny and I agreed to start hanging out more. On our way home, our hands conveniently brushed each other as we walked. It was cute. He wanted so bad to kiss me, but I kinda liked teasing him a bit. I also couldn’t stop imagining what it will be like to grow bigger than him. This is going to be a lot of fun!



Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Grew Again

Well, I'm a day behind. Sorry! Danny and I hung out today which was... well, I'll tell you later!

For now, I want write about yesterday morning. So decided to do what I did last week and tried some more of that super powder, whatever it is. Basically, the stuff that I think made me grow last weekend. I think it might also be what made me grow huge temporarily in my sleep. Anyways, I thought I'd try it again and see what would happen.

After my workout on Friday, I snuck in back of the shop and grabbed some more powder, same amount as last weekend. I wanted to try one of the other powders, but I'm not quite ready yet to experiment with too many new substances.

So I drank the shake on my way home. When I got home, I was starving, just like last week. I ate whatever I could get my hands on. I ended up having an omelette with 6 eggs, a turkey sandwich and a tall glass of milk. My Mom was out with friends, so she wasn't around to get grossed out by my extreme eating.

After studying for a biology exam I have next week, I dosed off. I think it was 10pm. Sure enough, I woke up at about 2am and my pajamas had been all stretched out like the week before. I felt so awake and had this itch all over my body. I stood in front my my mirror and flexed my muscles. It feels so good to flex after sleeping for a few hours and it feels especially good when you know your muscles are about to grow.

Then it hit me. I could feel my arms expanding as I flexed them. I threw my head back, enjoying the sensation of my traps bulging. My chest expanded, growing tighter and bigger. The growth was slow and slight, but it felt incredible! I kept flexing, feeling the wonderful tension all over my body.

When it stopped, I measured myself. I seemed to have grown another inch taller. I had grown throughout the week, but nothing like this! I also think all of the eating has added extra some bulk.

I'm now about 5' 4" and weigh 122 lbs.

After growing so much, all I could think about was how Danny was going to react!

I'll write about that soon!